23 12 / 2011

Researchers have discovered a 44,000-year-old Neanderthal house in eastern Ukraine. The house is made from mammoth bones. This finding contradicts the widely held view that Neanderthals were primitive nomads who took shelter in the nearest cave.

Yes, yes, more things like this!

"This mammoth bone structure could be described as the basement of a wooden cover or as a windscreen … Under a cold climate in an open environment, the lack of wood led humans to use bones to build protections against the wind."

…the circular house was made up of 116 large mammoth bones including skulls, jaws, 14 tusks and leg bones. Researchers also found 25 hearths filled with ashes inside the house. This confirmed that the owners of the home were settled and used the house for a fairly long period of time.

(Source: digitaljournal.com)

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